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The articles of our blog authors want to contribute to order arguments and opinions, make them assessable and offer an exchange. Every opinion counts – not only in our articles, but also in the user comments. Here you can see who writes in the TÜV Rheinland Mobiltiy-Blog:

A. Schneider


Alexander Schneider | Editor Corporate Communications

Always looking for exciting stories and topics that are worth to tell. There are plenty of them in the company. As a “new” resident, he loves living in Cologne. He loves the city as much as he loves his bicycle – which he also rides to work every day.
A. Zafiris


Anna Linn Zafiris | Head of Social Media

When she’s not posting pictures of vegan food or street art on Instagram, she can usually be found on one of her bicycles, at flea markets, strolling around Cologne or at the yoga studio. If you can’t find her there either, she is travelling and exploring temples or volcanoes in faraway countries.
A. Blittersdorf


Arianna Blittersdorf | Social Media Manager

Born in Cologne, she now lives in Bochum, in the middle of the “Pott”. At work it is all about mobility, at home there are game nights, a good book and somewhere there is always a reserve of chocolate.
I. Culmey


Ines Culmey | Social Media Manager

At work, she analyses everything that TÜV Rheinland reveals on the WWW and Social Net. At home, she keeps her children in the picture. Because her son and daughter always come first. When she has time for herself, she enjoys French films or meets with friends.


Nicole Krzemien | Social Media Manager + Spokesperson

Every day she is fascinated anew by her diverse job and her expert colleagues. She is eager to learn and tries to incorporate innovations into her everyday life. She loves the balancing act between work and family, enjoys being on or near the water and reads even more than she writes.


Svenja Zühlsdorff | Campaign Manager

She pulls the strings between the various marketing teams. This requires good communication skills. She does not only communicate at work, but also enjoys communicating with her family and friends. Another passion is shopping. She is always aware of the latest trends.
T. Rechtien


Thorsten Rechtien | Competence Center

He is the man who knows the answer to (almost) everything. Not only during working hours, but also after work, his heart beats for vehicles – especially those with 2 wheels. But he also likes to swap the wheels for his sailing boat.


Viktoria Kux | Social Media Manager

Whether it’s a new photo for Instagram, a video for YouTube, or a strategic concept, her work is all about social networking. Not only at work, but also in her private life, she is very active. Between a newly built house, the desire to travel and sports, there is no room for boredom.


Smart Mobility Autoren Team


Smart Mobility Team | Editorial Team

The Smart Mobility Team is an editorial team that deals with all topics related to the mobility of the future.

@tuv.rheinland on Instagram


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